Psalm 139:13-14

PSALM 139:13-14
"For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother's womb. I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it very well."

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We're 9 mos old!

This update is a LONG time coming, and we apologize for not updating regularly. With that said, please enjoy the update...may it be long.

Since our 7 mos, we have been really busy! Back in April, our sister Gianna celebrated her 3rd birthday. We would have loved to join her at Disneyland for her birthday with Daddy and Mommy, but they thought it'd be too overwhelming for everyone to go. Here's a pic of our sis with her favorite princess Belle. She told Mommy, a WEEK after they went to Dland, that she forgot to tell Belle about her 5 brothers and sisters. Mommy said that she could tell her next time they go.

We have been growing like weeds and hitting a lot of milestones! These pics are from the last few months. Stats and milestones will be at the end of the update.

Baths are one of our favorite times with Mommy and the volunteers and Mommy can't get enough pics of us as we grow in the tub. Pretty soon we will be transferring to the bathtub vs the kitchen sink.






Our first Mother's day with Mommy was the family just hanging out at home.
Mommy owes an apology to Daddy for not taking a picture of him and the kids on Father's day. We celebrated him by all 8 of us finally taking a walk through the neighborhood all together. Riley was in a backpack with Daddy (Mommy normally carries Emmy in the carrier when it's just her and a volunteer) and the rest of the clan was in 2 double strollers. Gianna rode her scooter.

Teething has hit the Ferraro family in full force. All of us have multiple teeth except Emmy.

Cooper's first two bottom teeth and a booger....

Addy's first two bottom teeth

Riley's first bottom tooth

Play time!

Gianna trying to teach Addy how important it is to accessorize. Boas are making a comeback!

Can't wait til I can jump on this trampoline...but for now, I will just bite on the handle.

Gabby practicing to drive.

Addy and Cooper hanging out.
How do you work this thing?
                       We are really good about holding our own bottles and sippy cups now.

Cooper showing off his one- handed technique.

Emmy with the two-handed technique.

Riley with his sippy cup.

Gabby and Addy. Eating time! Sometimes we need toys to make our food taste better =)
We went to the Dr yesterday. No shots this round...yay! Unfortunately, the appt was during our nap time so when it was time for the group photo in the end, we were done!
Ms Robin with Gabby and Emmy.

Ms Karen and Riley
Sister love- Gabby, Gianna, Emmy
(left to right) Gabby, Riley, Addy, Cooper, and Emmy
A quick shout out to thank Ms Karen and Ms Robin for accompanying us to the Dr's appt!

Here are our stats and hopefully Daddy or Mommy will have another update at our 10 month. (We don't think all the stats are quite accurate...especially Addy's height!)

Gabrielle- Ht: 26.5in  Wt: 16.8lbs
Riley- Ht: 29.8in (90%) Wt: 19.9lbs
Addison- Ht: 27in Wt: 15.6 (Catching up to Emmy!)
Cooper- Ht: 27.8in  Wt: 19.9lb
Emerson- Ht: 26.2in Wt: 15.9lbs

Their milestones are.....

Gabrielle: One upper and lower teeth, pivots in a circle on her tummy vs army crawling, can scoot a little to get something, sits unassisted, and can stand at activity table. Makes dinosaur growls while smiling.  She is the most patient and mellowest naturally she is always fed last. Sorry Gabs!

Riley: Two lower and one upper teeth with a second top cutting through, army crawls and gets up on all 4's to rock, pulls himself up to kneel and occasionally stand,  can get into a sitting position from lying down or sidelying position. Occasionally screams like a wild excitement. We think he learned it from Addy since they room together.

Addison: Two lower teeth, no crawling, rolls to get everywhere, gets up on on all 4's to rock, can sit unassisted, and can stand at activity table. Screams like a wild excitement. Has a smile for anyone that looks at her! She is still on meds for reflux. 

Cooper: Two lower teeth with two top coming in, army crawls and starting to crawl on all 4's, pulls himself up to stand. Constantly trying to crawl out the front door or over his brothers and sisters. We affectionately call it "bulldozing" when he is crawling over his siblings. Will cross the room to take his siblings toys away. Still uses his dinosaur pacifier to get to sleep. Will greet you standing up in the crib when you come to get him. Knows how to stand up but can't get down so often will cry for assistance during nap time. I tried to get a picture of him the other day, but I was too slow. Cooper had crawled into a basket of laundry and was stuck with his head down and his legs up in the air. By the time I got my phone, he'd already worked his way in.

Emerson:  No teeth, army crawls almost as fast as Cooper, sits unassisted. Still semi-thinks she is an only child...but I think she is finally getting that the other kids are not there for day care anymore. She is the female counterpart of Cooper and likes to bulldoze as well over her siblings. She is also not shy to go over and take their toys away. However if her toy is taken, she will let you know loud and clear that that wasn't acceptable.

Again, we'd like to thank all the people in the GRACE plus One community, volunteers, and family members who help and support us daily. Our daddy and mommy would be in an asylum if it weren't for all of you and we would be very sad if they were gone!

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