Psalm 139:13-14

PSALM 139:13-14
"For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother's womb. I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it very well."

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Friday, September 7, 2012

30 weeks

It's all fun and games until you hit 30 weeks. Normally women do not like talking about their weight, but I am pretty proud to admit that I'm 202 lbs now. If I can gain 6 more then I won't feel bad if I stop eating and just do protein shakes and supplemental drinks. You would think that I'd be starving all the time, but my intestines are so squished, I'm lucky if I can eat as much as Gianna on any given meal.

Physically, it's very uncomfortable and I don't expect it to get better until I have my C-section on 10/11/12 which will put me at 34 wks 6 days. Hopefully I can make it that far without putting the babies or myself in danger.  I am carrying 54 lbs just in my belly and my legs are starting to have a hard time supporting all that weight. As of last week, there was about 13 lbs of baby.

I got my first incentive =). One of my dr's wife made me middle eastern food. Soooo good! He said @ 32 weeks, he'll ask her to make Brazilian food for me. Hopefully I can still enjoy it then. My main doc, Dr. Elliott brings me Dunkin' Donuts every weekend. Of course I can only eat like 1-2 in a day, but they are still yummy.

All the babies scored an 8/8 yesterday for fluid levels, heart tones, practice breathing, and movement.

The boys and Gabby and pretty low and VERY active. Riley's still lying transverse (sideways) in my lower left abdomen. He likes to kick a lot when I sleep on my left side at night. Gabby is still breech with Cooper head down on top of her. Emmy is top left abdomen with her legs going to in a diagonal to midline abdomen, while Addy is on the opposite end, top right abdomen, with her body going under Emmy's and her legs going diagonal towards midline abdomen.  I feel her elbow, knee, or heel poking out a lot!

So here's to reaching the Bronze medal milestone! Just taking one day at a time til I make it to the Silver. Thank you for all of your prayers and words of encouragement! I so appreciate it =)


  1. Congrats to you! This is so exciting. I am keeping you in my prayers always. I love that you are scheduled to have your babies on 10/11/12 and truly pray that you will go to that date.

  2. Congratulations Meryl! You can do it!! You are clearly a contender for your ultimate goal of breaking the World Record on 10/11/12. We are so excited!! About as close as you can hope to get to John's birthday on 11/12. We are praying for your safety and the safety for your little ones. Please let me know when you are available for a massage from Melissa Hunter--I will schedule it because you deserve it! Love you!! Grandma Ferraro